To Improve Employee Engagement, Let’s Fix this One Thing

An organization’s greatest asset is it’s people. We’ve heard that line before. When it comes to assets, over the years organizations have refined the craft of optimizing for efficiency and effectiveness.   We’ve learned to optimize production lines, supply chains, finance, and other functions so that every bit of productivity and scale can be squeezed out.  […]

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The Power of the Individual

Last week, as I was discussing the future of the networked economy with a couple of my colleagues, one concept that really crystallized in my mind is just how much of power the individual person has today.   That power can be used to disrupt industries, make a difference, or even change the world. If you […]

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The New Paradigm Leader

With only 13% of employees around the world being actively engaged at work and two-thirds of today’s employees feeling “overwhelmed”, leadership, as we know it is entering a bit of a crisis.   With the rapid pace of change and increasing pressures, leaders are facing trying times in order to balance priorities, do more with less, […]

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