To Improve Employee Engagement, Let’s Fix this One Thing

An organization’s greatest asset is it’s people. We’ve heard that line before. When it comes to assets, over the years organizations have refined the craft of optimizing for efficiency and effectiveness.   We’ve learned to optimize production lines, supply chains, finance, and other functions so that every bit of productivity and scale can be squeezed out.  […]

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There’s One Important Metric Missing in The Annual Report

The annual report is a state-of-the-company document used by most public companies to disclose corporate information to their shareholders. Many publically traded companies invest a lot of thought and effort into this publication, which essentially summarizes key financial data, results of operations, market segment information, new product plans, key activities, and research and development activities.   […]

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Want results? Think Small

I recently dialed into a conference call in which we were trying to solve a business problem. It was supposed to be a 30-minute call with four other people.   After I entered my conference access code, the system announced me as the 14th caller to join the conference.   At first, I thought I misdialed and […]

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The New Paradigm Leader

With only 13% of employees around the world being actively engaged at work and two-thirds of today’s employees feeling “overwhelmed”, leadership, as we know it is entering a bit of a crisis.   With the rapid pace of change and increasing pressures, leaders are facing trying times in order to balance priorities, do more with less, […]

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