To Improve Employee Engagement, Let’s Fix this One Thing

An organization’s greatest asset is it’s people. We’ve heard that line before. When it comes to assets, over the years organizations have refined the craft of optimizing for efficiency and effectiveness.   We’ve learned to optimize production lines, supply chains, finance, and other functions so that every bit of productivity and scale can be squeezed out.  […]

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The Rise to Incompetence

Many newly promoted individuals often find themselves over-extended with their performance suffering as a result. When promoted for a position based on your performance in your current role rather your on abilities relevant to the intended role, is where eventually you can reach a job where you are unable to perform well, at which point you will no longer be promoted and will remain in that position indefinitely.

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Admitting You Have a Problem

A leaked internal report that looks at how the New York Times is performing in terms of its digital strategy has made headlines this past week.   The comprehensive report (dubbed by some as a manifesto), was commissioned by former editor Jill Abramson in what started as skunk-works that would come up with digital projects, but […]

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Strategy is Dessert for Culture’s Feast. Innovation is the Main Course

You have likely heard the popular phrase “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”.   A recent study from Booz and Company further reinforced this notion by surveying 2,219 senior executives.  Unsurprisingly, Booz found that 84% of executives believe culture is critical to their business success while 60% of executives believe culture is more important than strategy or […]

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