Evolving Sales for Value Co-Creation

It’s another Monday morning meeting with your customer.   This time, you sharpen your pitch. You put all the use-cases and customer success stories on the table.   Your customer doesn’t even flinch.   Because you’ve done business together in the past, she kindly tells you that your product is a commodity and she’ll only sign up if […]

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Tomorrow’s Tide

When I received the following Guest post by Ilya Bodner, it immediately resonated with me.    In days that find us surrounded by smart phones, social media, and extreme consumerism, we are more aware than at any time in history of what everyone else is doing and what everyone else has, therefore surmounting pressure and influence on […]

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Get out there: Just do it

Search Google for the phrase “The Lean Startup” and you’ll likely get nearly 4 million results. There’s been much written and discussed about Eric Ries’ method for developing businesses and products. Based on Eric’s experience working in several startups, Ries defines models where start-ups and large enterprises can shorten their product development cycles by adopting […]

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