Best of 2013: New Paradigms for Strategy and Leadership

As I reflect on 2013, it has been a marquee year in realizing just how much business strategy (as we know it) and the leadership required to execute is changing.   From entirely new Developing-Leadership-Skillsbusiness models that are disrupting industry incumbents, to changing dynamic of the workforce, to businesses going ‘digital’,  leadership and strong management are essential to foster organizational agility and creativity, bring new innovations to market, and manufacture a vision for navigating rough seas ahead.

Undoubtedly, as business leaders, we must rethink how we lead and manage our organizations to achieve our goals.   If you ever found yourself saying the phrase “because we always did it this way”, I encourage you to open up to the possibilities and take a look at just how much change is happening right around us and how we must adapt.

I’ve compiled the top articles and insights of 2013 (there are about 170 of them, so fill up that cup of coffee) into a Flipboard magazine for your reading enjoyment and will continue to update the magazine as new insights come up.

Click here to access the magazine

(PS: If you’re interested in collaborating and curating further articles on this topic, drop me a note and I’ll be glad to give you editing access)



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